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Featured Bidding Systems

Standard Modern Precision (2nd ed.) - my new book on Meck Lite - all of the previous content in the PDF's is there but it has been expanded with lots of examples, quizzes, Real Deals from championship play, several new advanced treatments, and instructions on how to set up practice rooms on BBO

Standard Modern Precision book cover

"Big Bang" system - Bocchi-Madala and some other pairs play this;  key feature is difference in structure when NV and V;  highly-detailed relays (and Gazzilli) as would expect from an Italian system; and moving the Mexican 2D to 2C allows better auctions for those (at the cost of some GF hands); huge text file only, no illustrative hands from real tournaments, about 80 pages - their 2013 convention card

Welland-Auken system - 74 pages of this new exciting system - high-octane, no holds barred - "bid early, bid high, bid often"

Now available - a summary of openings, followed by an in-depth tree of the whole structure, and some discussion of slam-bidding followed by some examples - warning, very complex, but you can simplify it to taste - their 2014 convention card

Tarzan Club - symmetric relay system with Meckwell tendencies, by one of the most successful Dutch pairs in history, Simon de Wijs and Bauke Muller

42-page text file with bidding tree, like many of my notes; does not include defensive structure or carding

Polish Club 2010 ( WJ2010 ) available now for a reduced price!  reviews here and here

Lauria-Versace - Win the Italian Way   - a new 40-page e-book by me that describes the Lauria-Versace system that has won so many championships around the world - I added my own interpretation in areas that were undocumented - unsurprisingly, it is a Garozzo-infused 2/1 system;  it is presented with an introduction, summary, explanation of some themes, and then the system with every relay and bid in tree form

Ultimate Canape - 40-page textfile with a bidding-tree of the whole system as played by Verhees - van Prooijen during their career which included a Bermuda Bowl title;
VerheesVan Prooijen
originally from Granovetter-Ekeblad (who have progressed on to a new system, GUS); canape openings with strong club and custom relay structure;  here is their convention card

Bocchi-Duboin System (2010) - just a 45-page textfile with a bidding-tree of the whole system in English translated from the book (much like my free notes below);  Bocchi changes systems/partners so frequently but this is a good snapshot of another modern Italian system with Garozzo-themes

Cool Bidding Systems

Check out these bidding systems links:
  • "Ambra" - write-up based on Garozzo's 2/1 system for the Italian 2000 World Junior Champs; why this structure hasn't dispersed out of Europe yet, I don't know; edited further by Gijs Haarlem; FD file
  • An Unassuming Club - Polish with a weak NT; an improved version with Kokish after 1C; survival tree for on-the-fly use; hyperlinked version from Bill Campbell 
  • "Assiste" - by Romolo Napoletano
  • Blue Team Club - Franco's modern rewrite; FD card - or check out a characteristic Austrian version
  • Burgay Diamond - strong diamond, 2-way club, orig. 1973 version
  • Caroline Club - a canape precision
  • Dwururka - transfer opening 4-crd majors but no artificial strong opening, from Boguslaw Pazur (WBF convention card)
  • ETM Victory - excellent 5-card major, standardish system from Glen Ashton; warning: Dan-complexity level; a slightly-more-followable condensed write-up, and FD card; a different optimized (strong NT) standard is Sher-Umeno Supernatural, with GF relay;
  • F-club - hearty Scanian strong club
  • Fantoni-Nunes - mainly from the Vugraph Project's .lin files (updated but doesn't change much now); there is a readable version of my observations by Bill Jacobs;
  • Garozzo-DuPont - notes from observations of "papi" and "snabu" on OKB; similar to Ambra
  • IMprecision - symmetric relay strong club that starts off with a twist
  • Incision - a micro-precision from Aviv Shahaf
  • Janus - 1C is strong balanced or weak unbalanced, while 1D is strong unbalanced or weak balanced; from Fried Weber
  • Kokish-Kraft notes - Kokish's own full weak NT system, 300+ pp; posted with express permission of authors, a text tree (abridged)
  • MAF - by Chiel Verwoest, a master html-artist, and magic acol f***er
  • Magic Diamond - strong diamond, medium club, lite openings
  • Millenium Club - Polish club (subsets all strong) with transfer responses; just 1C/1D opening modules
  • Mirror Diamond  - strong diamond and some offbeat side gadgets
  • Marston's Moscito 2005 - introductory booklet off of Australian Bridge website
  • MOX-NT - attractive writeup (a la Ambra) of optimized 5M system with many strong/weak multi openings
  • Nail - 4M system from Pazur with heart-sensitive strong 1C/1D openings, weak NT
  • Neapolitan Club - like Blue Team Club but the original off of which it was based; more explanation; best viewed in Notepad with wordwrap
  • Nightmare - from Buratti and Lanzarotti in the good old days
  • NTC - very fun; Dynamic NT, lots of transfers, relays; from Misho Nedyalkov
  • OKB 2/1 - OKB puts the "O" in "My G*D what a horrible software";  system is important in web bridge history; another writeup
  • Polish Club versions - see what is affecting Polish bridge (alert regulations in Poland [Polski])
    • Balicki-Zmudzinski - their WJ
    • Kości - standard with a Precision 2C, played by Pazur-Jagniewski, try this summary;
    • Polish Club (Matula) - the first English text on the Polish club, from 1994
    • Strefa - Polish played by Kwiecień-Pszczoła of UNIA Winkhaus Leszno, with optional Brown Sticker openings; a Jassem-Tuszynski writeup
    • WJ XXI - a more complex WJ pushed by expert Władysław Izdebski; a must-try for WJ aficionados; handy-dandy summary (in Polish), and constituent articles;
    • WJ2000 (Polish Standard) - like SAYC for Poland (Polish Club); full detail FD card
    • WJ2005 - an improvement over WJ2000; summary pdf; more complete FD card than BBO's; my translation has become a book in English; Jassem's new website;
    • Polish Club International - a.k.a. WJ2010 - the world turns, as does WJ - get the official 189-pg e-book here from me at reduced price (licensed by author) ; see top of page
  • Power Precision - Sontag and Weichsel; FD card;
  • Revision Club - good writeup of a precision; 4th edition (John Montgomery); possibly the best-reading description of a strong club ever;
  • Rigal Precision - from Barry Rigal's excellent book Precision in the '90's
  • Roadmap - nice document of a good weak NT system; from Francesco Sallustio
  • Roman Club - summarized by Allen Miller; another version from Graz, Austria (a whole club plays it there); Belladonna's 1986 update
  • Romex - many very strong openings based on losers and controls
  • Shark - very light 1M opening canape, strong club, simple
  • Sher-Neill Canape Precision - it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... then it's just fun
  • SPREAD and SCREAM - by Mark Abraham
  • Superlambda - Polish forcing pass system; interesting but lacks some interference and relay-break notes;
  • SuperPrecision - ... but you can pay 2 old dogs to pretend to make up new tricks (lots of obvious bidding sequences)
  • Swan 4.0 and Zebra - weak/strong clubs, detailed write-ups; less daring than Tangerine
  • Tangerine Club - 1C = 8-9 bal. or 15+, very fun
  • "Terrorist" Moscito - relays; Bo-Yin's complex write-up; GIB has played this too;  textfile condensate
  • Toad Club -(updated again) relay precision from Jim Griffin
  • TOSR - lost original html files, here's a good reboot; FD card;  a Josh-Dan thing
  • Transfer system - from Salvador Assael
  • Ultimate Club - A great drug
  • Ultra Club - canape with lots of science; FD card
  • Vanilla Symmetric Relays - Alan Truscott's notes; this, also in Rigal's book, started it off for me;
  • Viking Club
  • Volmac Precision - incomplete notes; apparently what Garozzo tried to teach Snabu originally in the 80's
  • Washington Standard - solid tournament-quality 2/1 system from Steve Robinson; FD card;
  • Webertreff - lots of canape, some relays; good competitive agreements; also from F.W. above

More Stuff

  • 2H Multi - as 2D, but higher; used at one point by Versace-Lauria and Helgemo; brief write-ups
  • Overcall Structure - suggest only when NV;
  • Prism Signals - The Dark Side of the Moon signals
  • Obvious Shift Principle - carding method from the Granovetters, used by experts
  • System details - of top current partnerships; browse to your content; from Ecats
  • Rough Two's openings - 4+m and 4M, weak; Ben Cowling has updated the site nicely;
  • Crypto-raises - designed to keep at least two (maybe three) of your opponents in the dark
  • Jump-Bidding - nice 1990 overview of the development of bidding, by Francesco Sallustio, using the jump-bid to demonstrate what makes a good convention;
  • Gazzilli - solves the 16+ HCP 1M openers in standard systems; major component of Garozzo's new Ambra-like systems; the link is one way of playing it
  • Combine, a.k.a. Slawinsky, Leads - treatise describing Fantoni-Nunes leads, why they cover the most important situations
  • Robson/Segal's "Partnership Bidding in Bridge" - the best study of competitive bidding; with permission from the authors
  • Burgay 1N response structure - Dano used to play (plays?) this with Burgay; emphasis is on showing shape, setting suit for cue-bidding
  • Chris Ryall's Acol description - good snapshot of the current state of Acol and its handling for non-Acol players
  • Equality - from Misho Nedyalkov and Ben Riddles; handling competitive auctions in a better way
  • ACBL Mid-Chart defense database - ACBL requires downloading and presenting these defenses for opponents to peruse
  • Kantar's Roman Keycard system - from the html pages that once were up; most of the modules are independent so can be added to taste
  • 2-bid structure - two-level scheme with one-level accuracy
  • All systems - from 1995, all systems analyzed for 'aggressiveness'; summaries of openings too
  • Basic Italian cue-bidding methods - from Claudio Petroncini; does not include Turbo (described in BTC above);

Cool Bridge Links (in no particular order)

  • Bridge Winners - forum for top players, including the controversial issues not allowed in magazines
  • Światem Brydża - the Polish bridge magazine;  years of pdf back-issues for free;  lots of pics, reports, WJ, different systems, contests, quizzes, etc.
  • Jeff Goldsmith's page
  • Great Bridge Links by Judy Goodwin-Hanson.
  • Mark Abraham's page
  • lots of articles - mirrored by Frank van Wezel
  • Polish bridge organization (Polish) - great news, results, things in Polish bridge
  • Ted Muller's page - cute bridge-related cartoons and musings
  • Glen Ashton's page
  • Neapolitan Club magazine - good world bridge news, concentrates on Italian news but has English translations of everything
  • Adam Meyerson's lab
  • Video interviews with top players - ACBL, BridgeUnion
  • some free Mike Lawrence articles
  • shape counting exercise - from Fred Gitelman, very handy for tune-ups
  • Pics of Nationals - awesome, copious, from Jonathan Steinberg; also pics of other bridge events he attends
  • Chris Ryall's page - great index of preemptive two-bid structures!
  • The Vugraph Project - Nikos Sarantakos' collection of BBO .lin files from their broadcasts of events all over the world; good for system-watching but no explanations of alerts
  • BDI Archive -  the Italian Bridge Federation has put 10+ years of magazine articles online for free
  • NABC casebooks - good reading for ACBL misdirectors-to-be
  • Jari Böling's page - EHAA (rare online writeup), weak NT, J-Moscito
  • David Stevenson's bridge page - laws authority, articles
  • Claire Martel's site - very enjoyable; including the systems page
  • Norberto Bocchi's columns (italiano) - current events; informative and interesting articles; loaded archive; email your bridge questions
  • archived bulletins - Frank van Wezel and Hans van de Konijnenberg archiving all bulletins ever;  awesome; the NABC's
  • Larry Cohen articles - and homepage