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Featured Bidding Systems

"Big Bang" system - Bocchi-Madala and some other pairs play this;  key feature is difference in structure when NV and V;  highly-detailed relays (and Gazzilli) as would expect from an Italian system; and moving the Mexican 2D to 2C allows better auctions for those (at the cost of some GF hands); huge text file only, no illustrative hands from real tournaments, about 80 pages - their 2013 convention card

Welland-Auken system - 74 pages of this new exciting system - high-octane, no holds barred - "bid early, bid high, bid often"

Now available - a summary of openings, followed by an in-depth tree of the whole structure, and some discussion of slam-bidding followed by some examples - warning, very complex, but you can simplify it to taste - their 2014 convention card

Tarzan Club - symmetric relay system with Meckwell tendencies, by one of the most successful Dutch pairs in history, Simon de Wijs and Bauke Muller

42-page text file with bidding tree, like many of my notes; does not include defensive structure or carding

Polish Club 2010 ( WJ2010 ) available now for a reduced price!  reviews here and here

Standard Modern Precision - Getting From Here to There -  a new 34-page e-book by me helping 2/1 players to learn Meck Lite, the system of the future in the US, played already by the best;  modern expert precision is described in detail, with  many examples to help learn

Standard Modern Precision II - Further Discussion and Advanced Topics -  a new 29-page e-book by me helping beginning Meck Lite players discover how to handle more situations and add standard expert Precision conventions to their arsenal ;  assumes knowledge of first book's topics

Both Meck Lite for Beginners books (I and II) - just $30 (25% off)

Lauria-Versace - Win the Italian Way   - a new 40-page e-book by me that describes the Lauria-Versace system that has won so many championships around the world - I added my own interpretation in areas that were undocumented - unsurprisingly, it is a Garozzo-infused 2/1 system;  it is presented with an introduction, summary, explanation of some themes, and then the system with every relay and bid in tree form

Ultimate Canape - 40-page textfile with a bidding-tree of the whole system as played by Verhees - van Prooijen during their career which included a Bermuda Bowl title;
VerheesVan Prooijen
originally from Granovetter-Ekeblad (who have progressed on to a new system, GUS); canape openings with strong club and custom relay structure;  here is their convention card

Bocchi-Duboin System (2010) - just a 45-page textfile with a bidding-tree of the whole system in English translated from the book (much like my free notes below);  Bocchi changes systems/partners so frequently but this is a good snapshot of another modern Italian system with Garozzo-themes

Cool Bidding Systems

Check out these bidding systems links:
  • "Ambra" - write-up based on Garozzo's 2/1 system for the Italian 2000 World Junior Champs; why this structure hasn't dispersed out of Europe yet, I don't know; edited further by Gijs Haarlem; FD file
  • An Unassuming Club - Polish with a weak NT; an improved version with Kokish after 1C; survival tree for on-the-fly use; hyperlinked version from Bill Campbell 
  • "Assiste" - by Romolo Napoletano
  • Blue Team Club - Franco's modern rewrite; FD card - or check out a characteristic Austrian version
  • Burgay Diamond - strong diamond, 2-way club, orig. 1973 version
  • Caroline Club - a canape precision
  • Dwururka - transfer opening 4-crd majors but no artificial strong opening, from Boguslaw Pazur (WBF convention card)
  • ETM Victory - excellent 5-card major, standardish system from Glen Ashton; warning: Dan-complexity level; a slightly-more-followable condensed write-up, and FD card; a different optimized (strong NT) standard is Sher-Umeno Supernatural, with GF relay;
  • F-club - hearty Scanian strong club
  • Fantoni-Nunes - mainly from the Vugraph Project's .lin files (updated but doesn't change much now); there is a readable version of my observations by Bill Jacobs;
  • Garozzo-DuPont - notes from observations of "papi" and "snabu" on OKB; similar to Ambra
  • IMprecision - symmetric relay strong club that starts off with a twist
  • Incision - a micro-precision from Aviv Shahaf
  • Janus - 1C is strong balanced or weak unbalanced, while 1D is strong unbalanced or weak balanced; from Fried Weber
  • Kokish-Kraft notes - Kokish's own full weak NT system, 300+ pp; posted with express permission of authors, a text tree (abridged)
  • MAF - by Chiel Verwoest, a master html-artist, and magic acol f***er
  • Magic Diamond - strong diamond, medium club, lite openings
  • Millenium Club - Polish club (subsets all strong) with transfer responses; just 1C/1D opening modules
  • Mirror Diamond  - strong diamond and some offbeat side gadgets
  • Marston's Moscito 2005 - introductory booklet off of Australian Bridge website
  • MOX-NT - attractive writeup (a la Ambra) of optimized 5M system with many strong/weak multi openings
  • Nail - 4M system from Pazur with heart-sensitive strong 1C/1D openings, weak NT
  • Neapolitan Club - like Blue Team Club but the original off of which it was based; more explanation; best viewed in Notepad with wordwrap
  • Nightmare - from Buratti and Lanzarotti in the good old days
  • NTC - very fun; Dynamic NT, lots of transfers, relays; from Misho Nedyalkov
  • OKB 2/1 - OKB puts the "O" in "My G*D what a horrible software";  system is important in web bridge history; another writeup
  • Polish Club versions - see what is affecting Polish bridge (alert regulations in Poland [Polski])
    • Balicki-Zmudzinski - their WJ
    • Kości - standard with a Precision 2C, played by Pazur-Jagniewski, try this summary;
    • Polish Club (Matula) - the first English text on the Polish club, from 1994
    • Strefa - Polish played by Kwiecień-Pszczoła of UNIA Winkhaus Leszno, with optional Brown Sticker openings; a Jassem-Tuszynski writeup
    • WJ XXI - a more complex WJ pushed by expert Władysław Izdebski; a must-try for WJ aficionados; handy-dandy summary (in Polish), and constituent articles;
    • WJ2000 (Polish Standard) - like SAYC for Poland (Polish Club); full detail FD card
    • WJ2005 - an improvement over WJ2000; summary pdf; more complete FD card than BBO's; my translation has become a book in English; Jassem's new website;
    • Polish Club International - a.k.a. WJ2010 - the world turns, as does WJ - get the official 189-pg e-book here from me at reduced price (licensed by author) ; see top of page
  • Power Precision - Sontag and Weichsel; FD card;
  • Revision Club - good writeup of a precision; 4th edition (John Montgomery); possibly the best-reading description of a strong club ever;
  • Rigal Precision - from Barry Rigal's excellent book Precision in the '90's
  • Roadmap - nice document of a good weak NT system; from Francesco Sallustio
  • Roman Club - summarized by Allen Miller; another version from Graz, Austria (a whole club plays it there); Belladonna's 1986 update
  • Romex - many very strong openings based on losers and controls
  • Shark - very light 1M opening canape, strong club, simple
  • Sher-Neill Canape Precision - it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... then it's just fun
  • SPREAD and SCREAM - by Mark Abraham
  • Superlambda - Polish forcing pass system; interesting but lacks some interference and relay-break notes;
  • SuperPrecision - ... but you can pay 2 old dogs to pretend to make up new tricks (lots of obvious bidding sequences)
  • Swan 4.0 and Zebra - weak/strong clubs, detailed write-ups; less daring than Tangerine
  • Tangerine Club - 1C = 8-9 bal. or 15+, very fun
  • "Terrorist" Moscito - relays; Bo-Yin's complex write-up; GIB has played this too;  textfile condensate
  • Toad Club -(updated again) relay precision from Jim Griffin
  • TOSR - lost original html files, here's a good reboot; FD card;  a Josh-Dan thing
  • Transfer system - from Salvador Assael
  • Ultimate Club - A great drug
  • Ultra Club - canape with lots of science; FD card
  • Vanilla Symmetric Relays - Alan Truscott's notes; this, also in Rigal's book, started it off for me;
  • Viking Club
  • Volmac Precision - incomplete notes; apparently what Garozzo tried to teach Snabu originally in the 80's
  • Washington Standard - solid tournament-quality 2/1 system from Steve Robinson; FD card;
  • Webertreff - lots of canape, some relays; good competitive agreements; also from F.W. above

More Stuff

  • 2H Multi - as 2D, but higher; used at one point by Versace-Lauria and Helgemo; brief write-ups
  • Overcall Structure - suggest only when NV;
  • Prism Signals - The Dark Side of the Moon signals
  • Obvious Shift Principle - carding method from the Granovetters, used by experts
  • System details - of top current partnerships; browse to your content; from Ecats
  • Rough Two's openings - 4+m and 4M, weak; Ben Cowling has updated the site nicely;
  • Crypto-raises - designed to keep at least two (maybe three) of your opponents in the dark
  • Jump-Bidding - nice 1990 overview of the development of bidding, by Francesco Sallustio, using the jump-bid to demonstrate what makes a good convention;
  • Gazzilli - solves the 16+ HCP 1M openers in standard systems; major component of Garozzo's new Ambra-like systems; the link is one way of playing it
  • Combine, a.k.a. Slawinsky, Leads - treatise describing Fantoni-Nunes leads, why they cover the most important situations
  • Robson/Segal's "Partnership Bidding in Bridge" - the best study of competitive bidding; with permission from the authors
  • Burgay 1N response structure - Dano used to play (plays?) this with Burgay; emphasis is on showing shape, setting suit for cue-bidding
  • Chris Ryall's Acol description - good snapshot of the current state of Acol and its handling for non-Acol players
  • Equality - from Misho Nedyalkov and Ben Riddles; handling competitive auctions in a better way
  • ACBL Mid-Chart defense database - ACBL requires downloading and presenting these defenses for opponents to peruse
  • Kantar's Roman Keycard system - from the html pages that once were up; most of the modules are independent so can be added to taste
  • 2-bid structure - two-level scheme with one-level accuracy
  • All systems - from 1995, all systems analyzed for 'aggressiveness'; summaries of openings too
  • Basic Italian cue-bidding methods - from Claudio Petroncini; does not include Turbo (described in BTC above);

Cool Bridge Links (in no particular order)

  • Bridge Winners - forum for top players, including the controversial issues not allowed in magazines
  • Światem Brydża - the Polish bridge magazine;  years of pdf back-issues for free;  lots of pics, reports, WJ, different systems, contests, quizzes, etc.
  • Jeff Goldsmith's page
  • Great Bridge Links by Judy Goodwin-Hanson.
  • Mark Abraham's page
  • lots of articles - mirrored by Frank van Wezel
  • Polish bridge organization (Polish) - great news, results, things in Polish bridge
  • Ted Muller's page - cute bridge-related cartoons and musings
  • Glen Ashton's page
  • Neapolitan Club magazine - good world bridge news, concentrates on Italian news but has English translations of everything
  • Adam Meyerson's lab
  • Video interviews with top players - ACBL, BridgeUnion
  • some free Mike Lawrence articles
  • shape counting exercise - from Fred Gitelman, very handy for tune-ups
  • Pics of Nationals - awesome, copious, from Jonathan Steinberg; also pics of other bridge events he attends
  • Chris Ryall's page - great index of preemptive two-bid structures!
  • The Vugraph Project - Nikos Sarantakos' collection of BBO .lin files from their broadcasts of events all over the world; good for system-watching but no explanations of alerts
  • BDI Archive -  the Italian Bridge Federation has put 10+ years of magazine articles online for free
  • NABC casebooks - good reading for ACBL misdirectors-to-be
  • Jari Böling's page - EHAA (rare online writeup), weak NT, J-Moscito
  • David Stevenson's bridge page - laws authority, articles
  • Claire Martel's site - very enjoyable; including the systems page
  • Norberto Bocchi's columns (italiano) - current events; informative and interesting articles; loaded archive; email your bridge questions
  • archived bulletins - Frank van Wezel and Hans van de Konijnenberg archiving all bulletins ever;  awesome; the NABC's
  • Larry Cohen articles - and homepage